The Universal Engineering team is as diverse as it is large. From amateur mini-bike riders, to Supercross racers and FMX phenoms, we've got 'em all. Below is a partial list, make sure to check out the rider's MySpace pages to learn more about them.

Red Bull KTM
Temecula, CA
Pro MX/SX Lites
Nathan Ramsey #25
Mike Alessi #800
Josh Hansen #100
Jeff Alessi #801
Jay Marmont #111
Red Bull KTM will be resting their beautiful bikes on top of the
orange monocoque stands for the 2006 AMA MX/SX Lites season.

Mike Sleeter #81
Escondido, CA
Pro MX/SX Lites
KTM 250 SX-f

Sleeter is a true privateer and enjoys living the dream. Hopefully he can start making some money at it… soon.

Jimmie McGuire
Temecula, CA
Pro Freestyle MX
Honda CR250R

Jimmie has been around freestyle for a long time and is a well respected member of the tight-knit community.

Billy Swapp #295
Murrieta, CA
Pro MX/SX Lites
Kawasaki KX250-F

Billy is bound to get picked up any day as one of the up-and-coming riders in the lites class. He also works building tracks with Randy Menenga when he is not racing Supercross.

Matt Buyten
Carson City, NV
Pro Freestyle MX
Honda CR250R

Buyten hails from Carson City and represents NVHC. 'Nuff said.

Dennis Jonon #436
Spring Hill, KS
Pro MX/SX Lites
Suzuki RM-Z 250

Jonon had an incredible career as a top amateur and is now trying to find some more speed and consistency that will elevate him in the pro ranks.  

Dustin Nowak AKA Wacker
Kingwood, TX
Pro Freestyle MX
Honda CR250R

With a nickname like Wacker, you could only imagine how he fills his spare time.   

Kevin Rookstool #745
Klamath Falls, OR
Pro MX/SX Lites
Honda CRF 250R

Kevin enjoys posing nude for his MySpace pictures so beware before you check out his page.

Brian Foster AKA Bubbs
Carson City, NV
Pro Freestyle MX
Yamaha YZ250

Little known as to why Brian is nickname Bubbs but we shall soon find out... Stay tuned!

Ash Woskob #251
State College, PA
Yamaha YZ450-F

Ash has been flying on his Yamaha and looks like he will be picking up a two digit number in ’07. Good work Ash.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Temecula, CA
Pro Freestyle MX
Honda CR250R

Jimmy hails from the 951 and you can often see him and his riding compound in several videos including Transworld’s Stone Spray Sandwich.

Tiger Lacey #221
Wolf Creek, OR
Pro MX/SX Lites
Honda CRF 250

With a name like Tiger Lacey he is bound to do something big, someday.

Ryan Hagy AKA Fluffer
Orange County, CA
Pro Freestyle MX
Honda CR 250R

We aren’t going to elaborate on “Fluffer”.  

Brandon Haas #291
St. Charles, MN
Yamaha YZ450-F

Brandon has been going pretty good in the Northern Central part of the US and will be riding more of the AMA SX/MX series in 2007.   

Destin Cantrell
Corona, CA
Pro Freestyle MX
KTM 250 SX
Destin is a squirley fellow that you can find riding shows in the Orange and Riverside County areas frequently.

Sebastian "Busty" Wolter
Berlin, Germany
Pro freestyle MX
Suzuki RM 250

If you don't know Busty, you haven't been following the European FMX scene. He's been here since day one and still rides as much as ever.

Fabian Bauersachs
Roedenthal, Germany
Pro freestyle MX
Kawasaki  KX 250

Fab is building his own training ground and that includes a foam pit. He's not done yet.

Erwin Robins
Helmond, the Netherlands
Pro MX
Yamaha YZ 250

Erwin is a butcher during the week so he knows how to handle a knife. He lives in Helmond so those skills can be handy too.

Jarno Verhorevoort
Helmond, The Netherlands
Pro MX
Honday CR 450f

Jarno is the second Universal rider to score Grand Prix points. If our handlebars can hold up in GP races, they're good enough for you.