We're constantly updating shirts and hats. Here are a couple of our more recent designs. All are printed on the highest quality materials and often times include trick printing methods like water-based inks and bleach discharge printing. The result of these laborious techniques is a shirt with a much softer "hand", that'll never feel like you are wearing a big sticker on your chest.

Bolts: 16 lightning bolts of pure fury. Distressed discharge on Black or Chocolate.

Fleur: Thinned plastisol ink on red or Light Grey Heather, for you fancy types.

Mermaid: Distressed discharge and plasticharge mix on Army Green or Navy Blue. The design features a naked mermaid, AK47's and the words "Only Death is Certain". What does it all mean? Who knows, but Mike D. is getting it tattooed across his chest.

Mud: Thinned, mud-colored logo splatter thingy on Yellow or White. Printed high and to the right like all those trendy Hot Topic shirts your little sister like so much.

Scroll: Distressed, low key, single color on Black or Kelly Green.